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For Providers

Modis Health IT offers healthcare providers a range of staffing solutions specifically designed to accelerate implementation and optimization for EHR, ICD-10 and health data management. Teams are scalable, and we utilize our relationships, a proprietary database and our experienced delivery team to connect you with the best consultants, with the right combination of clinical and technical credentials, to meet your needs and make a seamless addition to your company.

Our expertise includes:









October 1, 2014 – the deadline to replace ICD-9 code sets with ICD-10 sets – is fast approaching. Each passing day makes it more important to focus on this shift – and the eventual shift to ICD-100 – before it’s too late.

Managing the transition effectively and without disruption will be essential to the success of all providers. Modis Health IT can make it happen.

We have project managers and consultants with extensive ICD-10 experience. They can use their hands-on knowledge to help you navigate the complex conversion process, saving you time, money and potential headaches in the process. They will ensure that the process is mapped out and coded correctly and that all project milestones are met. To learn more, contact Modis Health IT today.

Health Data Management

In addition to EHR and ICD-10, our team can help you achieve your data security, health information exchange, data management and analysis goals. We understand the latest standards and guidelines governing global HL7 consultants, and we have an extensive track record of success placing qualified talent.

Our consultants have experience across a variety of systems and platforms, including:

As we approach the ICD-10 conversion deadline, you will need to coordinate and complete a variety of testing efforts. Our project managers and consultants can help you execute all testing activities while ensuring adherence to established budgets and timelines. Contact Modis Health IT today to learn more about our services.