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Consultants with clinical and technical experience and certifications have a lot of job options, including employer of choice, and finding the right fit is complicated. There are a lot of companies who provide Health IT staffing services; we differentiate by consistently adhering to high professional and ethical standards so you can feel comfortable as a long-term partner with Modis Health IT.

Let us use our client base, knowledge and extensive branch footprint to find your next role in Health IT. We have exceptional connections at leading health providers and payers nationwide and can offer you a wide variety of options that are close to home or remote, short, long-term or salaried, depending on your preference.

Some of our consultants want benefits while others don’t. It’s up to you. If you and your family want benefits as part of your engagement, we offer:

It’s all about choice. We have over 300 account managers directly connected to our client base who seek open job roles in most major Health IT disciplines, so you can expect to be working when and where you want.

One of our Health IT recruiters can provide an overview of all of the details or send you a comprehensive benefits packet.

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